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12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership by author Anna Campbell12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership is filled with A-HA moments, joyful stumblings, and triumphant acceptance of our humanity and true passion in life.  I always assumed that business success would mean wearing business suits, speaking in front of large audiences, receiving awards, and being acknowledged for my business savviness from every large business organization in the world.

12 Health Habits of Business Leadership provides effective solutions to many obstacles business leaders face throughout their careers. This book is not only about the bottom line of your business; it is about you – the human being creating balance for your business and personal success.

Business & Economics – Leadership

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My Monthly Business Journal by Anna CampbellSince my second business related book has been published, I have decided to retire my first book, My Monthly Business Journal.  It was a journal and guide created to help business owners and non-profit leaders to build a strong foundation that will allow them to grow a fulfilling and productive entity.

  • Starting Your Business: legal, business plan, structure, purpose
  • Marketing & Advertising: PR, brochures, flyers, branding
  • Budget: Finances, Accounting, Taxes
  • Business Location: Online or Brick & Mortar, maintaining a strong online/offline presence
  • Product or Service: Quality controls, manufacturing, purchasing, reselling, packaging
  • Target Market: Who is your ideal client, how are you going to reach and attract them

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