My Monthly Business JournalMy Monthly Business Journal is my online guide created to help business leaders to build a strong foundation that will allow them to grow a fulfilling and productive business and life.

  • Starting Your Business: legal, business plan, structure, purpose
  • Marketing & Advertising: PR, brochures, flyers, branding
  • Budget: Finances, Accounting, Taxes
  • Business Location: Online or Brick & Mortar, maintaining a strong online/offline presence
  • Product or Service: Quality controls, manufacturing, purchasing, reselling, packaging
  • Target Market: Who is your ideal client, how are you going to reach and attract them

About Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell My Monthly Business Journal AuthorI love being involved with organizations and businesses that actively provide services on a local, national and international level. My focus areas include: business marketing research, business marketing counseling, networking, women empowerment, and gender violation issues.

12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership by author Anna CampbellRecently published books:

12 Health Habits of Business Leadership provides effective solutions to many obstacles business leaders face throughout their careers. This book is not only about the bottom line of your business; it is about you – the human being creating balance for your business and personal success.

My family and I enjoy the historical charm and comfort of our late Queen Anne style home that was built in 1910 and is known as the Ballentine-Spence House.


I provide additional resources and tools on my website: My Monthly Business Journal.



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