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Simplify Your Work Life with Elaine St. James

Simplify Your Work Life by Elaine St. JamesWays to change the way you work so you have more time to live.” Elaine St. James

Elaine shares with us her insight about cutting back on the amount of time you work, learning to seize time, being more productive, being more effective with people, being more efficient with your money, changing the way you work, and changing the way you think about work.

I found her chapter about eliminating the distractions to be very enlightening. Elaine says, “Begin by eliminating the distractions that throw you off schedule. For the next several days keep track of the ways you get sidetracked from your work, then think about ways you can minimize them.”

This can pertain to technology such as facebook, games, videos, or youtube. Often times we find ourselves wrapped up with time wasting elements online, when we could be more productive doing something together with our family, something quiet and refreshing with ourselves or out and about within our community.

Living your life and running your business are amazing opportunities for us to seize every moment that helps to bring us happiness and purpose.

~ Anna Campbell


JJ Ramberg shares 183 Essential Tips that will Transform Your Small Business

JJ Ramberg 183 essential tips that will transform your small businessJJ Ramberg shares 183 essential tips that will transform your small business in her book, It’s Your Business.

Three of the most poignant topics she covers in her book include: End customer interactions on a positive note, Respond to negative customer feedback positively, Partner with people who reach a similar audience.

One of the most awkward situations for a business leader is responding to negative feedback. I cringe every time I see someone slam the customer, respond with hate, or completely disregard the person’s comments.

Always be courteous when someone leaves a review or comment. It is often harder for a customer to leave a bad review than to just never let you know.

As a business leader you need to know all the good and bad about your business. Otherwise, you will never be able to correct issues that could potentially close your doors.

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