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Healthy Habits of Business Ownership Business Basics and Money Matters

healthy habits of business ownership money mattersAs we continue with our Business Basics section of Healthy Habits of Business Ownership, we focus on Money Matters.

As you go through the following questions, take your time to consider the many ways you can answer them and what the different results would be.

Make sure the results are in line with the outcome you desire.

1. How much money do you have on hand to invest in your business over the next 3 years?


2. How much time do you have available to devote to start building or growing your business each week?


3. Have you filed the necessary paperwork? Not every business has the same requirements.

  • City: business license, taxes
  • County: business license, taxes
  • State: sales tax, business name, type of business,
  • Federal Government: IRS, EIN (employee identification number)


4. How much does each individual product or service cost to create?

Product Name & Short Description                                               Cost

We will discover how many products or services you will need to sell in order to achieve your dream income in our next post.

Put your notes into a folder or binder so that you can look back over these every few months and make any necessary changes.

~ Anna Campbell





Grow Your Business Through Imagination and Freedom

kaleidoscope created by , Maura Marini Shumake with Stella Bella GlassNurturing our imagination and allowing ourselves the freedom to discover who we are and what we most enjoy doing for ourselves and others is an important key to creating and sustaining our business success.

The greatest things in life – truth, creativity, imagination, love, kindness, compassion -are already inside us, and they’re all free.” Yanni

I recently met an amazing artist, Maura Marini Shumake with Stella Bella Glass, while attending a local fundraising event at the Walter Aiken house in Fuquay-Varina. Maura has a gift for creating steampunk jewelry, glorious stained glass decor, and precious memorabilia for loved ones.

kaleidoscope created by , Maura Marini Shumake with Stella Bella GlassDuring this recent event I was the luckiest raffle winner of the day when I won her magnificent and truly unique kaleidoscope made of stained glass, gears, jewels, copper, and more. Not only was her kaleidoscope mind tickling to look at, it provided each viewer with a breathtaking and awe inspiring view of this artists imagination.

Use your imagination to visualize what may be, not what is. Then set your goals, take action and make what you imagined a reality.“ Catherine Pulsifer

You get a rare view into how amazing her mind works to create such intricate masterpieces that not only provide visual pleasure, but each viewer the opportunity to interact with this piece of art.

By allowing her imagination the freedom to explore different mediums and techniques she has created pieces that are highly sought after, enjoyed and cherished.

Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future.” Charles F. Kettering

Just my 2 cents,

Anna Campbell

Saying Thank You with Homemade Cookies

Samantha's Sweets Homemade Treats I am always trying to come up with a new, thoughtful way to thank my clients, friends and family.  While speaking with Samantha Eyth over at Samantha’s Sweets, she had something wonderful to share!

“Funny you mentioned “thank you gifts,” because this week I shipped my Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies to a few friends and family. I baked large, delicious chocolate chip cookies and wrapped them up in clear bags, two by two, with a pretty ribbon. Then I filled a box with bubble wrap, pink and red tissue paper, Hershey’s Kisses and a Valentine card.

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Special Gifts Only Make Thank You Sweeter

Kathi with My Sweet Things bakeryMy Sweet Things, a bakery specializing in custom designs, produces creative works of art for their clients, friends and family. My Sweet Things creates sweets that you love to look at, as much as you love to eat!

Kathi with My Sweet Things loves to stay in touch with her clients, so she shares all of her current projects and ideas on her facebook page

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