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KnB’s Marketplace hosts Book Signing for Local Authors Bobbie Asad and Anna Campbell in Fuquay-Varina

KnB's Marketplace in downtown Fuquay-Varina NCLocal Authors Book Signing

KnB’s Marketplace is hosting a book signing for children’s author Bobbie Asad of Tucker’s Story and business author Anna Campbell of 12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership.

Friday, May 8th from 6:30pm – 7:30pm at 120 Raleigh Street in downtown Fuquay-Varina during Art After Dark.

Tucker’s Story:

12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership:


Start Planning your Business Success Today with 12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership

12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership by author Anna CampbellBuilding your understanding of how online and offline business strategies work, building your business branding and presence, and building a solid product or service line that you are passionate about is vital for your success.

Take the steps today to start planning for your successful future.

Purchase your copy of 12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership today in paperback at Amazon or electronically at Amazon Kindle!

Author Anna Campbell says, “Remembering that at our basic level we are drawn to being needed, productive, and useful. This has allowed me to stay focused on my true business success and personal happiness.”

Simplify Your Work Life with Elaine St. James

Simplify Your Work Life by Elaine St. JamesWays to change the way you work so you have more time to live.” Elaine St. James

Elaine shares with us her insight about cutting back on the amount of time you work, learning to seize time, being more productive, being more effective with people, being more efficient with your money, changing the way you work, and changing the way you think about work.

I found her chapter about eliminating the distractions to be very enlightening. Elaine says, “Begin by eliminating the distractions that throw you off schedule. For the next several days keep track of the ways you get sidetracked from your work, then think about ways you can minimize them.”

This can pertain to technology such as facebook, games, videos, or youtube. Often times we find ourselves wrapped up with time wasting elements online, when we could be more productive doing something together with our family, something quiet and refreshing with ourselves or out and about within our community.

Living your life and running your business are amazing opportunities for us to seize every moment that helps to bring us happiness and purpose.

~ Anna Campbell

Womenomics explains how Business Women can write their own Rules for Success

The best is yet to come for you and your businessThe wealth of knowledge and experience is all around us in this technological age. But, for some reason I seem drawn to libraries and dusty old and new books.  Something about thumbing through pages that someone else felt worthy enough to fill thrills me!

While visiting the Eva Perry Library in Apex, NC I happened upon, Womenomics, a book written by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay.  The bright yellow cover and interesting word just drew me in. What are they talking about: womenomics?


1. write your own rules for success

2. How to stop juggling and struggling and finally start living and working the way you really want

But, how do we know what we really want? We are bombarded with tv commercials, magazine ads, motion sensor ads at store entrances, billboard ads, church sermons, movies, and so much more.

Here is a fun activity that just takes a few minutes and really helps you focus in on what truly matters to you.

Step 1: take out a pad of paper

Step 2. Start by writing one thing per sheet of paper that if you lost it, your life would no longer have meaning.

Step 3. Continuing writing one thing per sheet of paper that you need to survive.

Step 4. With this activity, you are only able to keep 10 of those pieces of paper. Pick 10 and let go of the rest. These 10 are what truly matters to you.

One of my favorite parts of the book womenomics is the simple revelation they share under the womenomics Balance Sheet.

Cost 1: “Isn’t a pay cut of any sort a big step backward?”

Don’t think hourly rate – think value, as Jennifer discovered. Even if you have to make financial cutbacks, the value to your life of gaining a few extra hours each week is potentially huge. It can make the difference between sanity and chaos.”

Many of my friends and clients tell me that this is often one of the biggest reasons they have decided to start their own business. They want more freedom. They want more time with their family. They want the control of when, how, why, and where.

Unfortunately, many of us forget that this was our main reason, as we often change our focus and all of our “time” into trying to make more money.

Take back the control of your business and your life. The power is yours!

Author, Anna J. Campbell

My Monthly Business Journal

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