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Business Leaders focus on true business and personal success with 12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership by Anna Campbell

12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership by author Anna Campbell12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership is filled with A-HA moments, joyful stumblings, and triumphant acceptance of our humanity and true passion in life.  I always assumed that business success would mean wearing business suits, speaking in front of large audiences, receiving awards, and being acknowledged for my business savviness from every large business organization in the world.

Remembering that at our basic level we are drawn to being needed, productive, and useful. This has allowed me to stay focused on my true business success and personal happiness.

I hope that by reading 12 Healthy Habits of Business Leadership you will be able to make your own business and life choices that will help bring you, your version of success and happiness. Take comfort in knowing that just by giving yourself knowledge and understanding, you are already on your way!

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The most effective way to invest your Business time and money is in You

Expanding your skills to achieve more business successInvesting your business time and money in your skills is crucial for your business survival and growth!

Building your understanding of how online and offline business strategies work, building your business branding and presence, and building a solid product or service line that you are passionate about is vital for your success.

The better prepared You are, the more successful your Business will be.

In my new book coming out in April I will be sharing with you insights about how your choices can positively or negatively affect your business success.

Business Author, Anna J. Campbell

What is the Single Greatest Asset of your Business?

Anna Campbell talks about Common Sense Business by Steve GottryAccording to Steve Gottry, author of Common Sense Business, “You, as the entrepreneur, are the greatest single asset your company has.  It was your drive and your dream that created your company, probably out of little or nothing – if you company is like so many other self-made ventures.”

Steve goes on to share with us the attributes that you bring your company. They include: Your Enthusiasm, Your Attitudes, Your Knowledge, Your Skills, Your Courage, Your Past, Your Goals, Your Ethics, and Your Support System.

Being an entrepreneur extends into every section of your personal life just as much as it does your business life. This is because when you start a business, you are the business. Your thoughts create the business, your dreams grow the business, and your energy maintains the business.

In order to maintain the strength and vitality of your business, you must also take care of the single Greatest Asset of your business: You!

Remember that you are important, you do deserve a day off, and you can accomplish all of your goals!

~ Anna Campbell

Sara Germano and Anna Prior explain International Businesses Strengthen Sales due to Business Branding

Under Armour BrandingUnderstanding the concept and purpose of Business Branding may seem difficult at times. To help us understand it a bit more clearly, we turn to Sara Germano and Anna Prior.

According to Sara Germano and Anna Prior in their article published in the Wall Street Journal, “Over the years, Under Armour has built up its footwear offerings and expanded its fleet of concept stores, targeting new international markets for a brand best known in the U.S. as a vendor of performance athletic apparel.

Under Armour branding logoThe result is that Under Armour is gaining strength in international and footwear sales, better positioning it to be a competitor to bigger rivals like Nike Inc. and Adidas AG .

Creating a solid brand with effective reference to your product your service and maintaining a strong business presence in the market place will help to increase your sales!

Author, Anna J. Campbell

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