Sara Germano and Anna Prior explain International Businesses Strengthen Sales due to Business Branding

Under Armour BrandingUnderstanding the concept and purpose of Business Branding may seem difficult at times. To help us understand it a bit more clearly, we turn to Sara Germano and Anna Prior.

According to Sara Germano and Anna Prior in their article published in the Wall Street Journal, “Over the years, Under Armour has built up its footwear offerings and expanded its fleet of concept stores, targeting new international markets for a brand best known in the U.S. as a vendor of performance athletic apparel.

Under Armour branding logoThe result is that Under Armour is gaining strength in international and footwear sales, better positioning it to be a competitor to bigger rivals like Nike Inc. and Adidas AG .

Creating a solid brand with effective reference to your product your service and maintaining a strong business presence in the market place will help to increase your sales!

Author, Anna J. Campbell

My Monthly Business Journal


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