Martha Stewart in The Martha Rules explains difference between Taking a Chance or a Risk

The Martha Rules by Martha StewartWe will begin with The Martha Rules: 10 essentials for achieving success as you start, build, or manage a business written by Martha Stewart.

Martha is truly a remarkable woman who has accepted accountability and responsibility for her own decisions and actions on the part of others in her life. She has also created amazing and brilliant trends throughout the business industry, and she continues to spark interest in the minds of people wishing they could live their lives with such high ambitions.

Martha shares insight into several basic areas of business such as, Appeal to your customers’ wants and needs, Beware the echo chamber: assembling an advisory board, and Take risks not chances.

The first two are fairly understandable and make complete sense. The third tidbit really made me start thinking.

Martha says that, “In business, there’s a difference between a risk and a chance. A well-calculated risk may very well end up as an investment in your business.  A careless chance can cause it to crumble. And when an opportunity presents itself, never assume it will be your last.

This really hit home for me because I often jump at opportunities without taking any amount of time to research it, consider other options, or understand the consequences.  While this habit hasn’t always hurt me, it hasn’t always provided me with the best results either.  I now understand that it is ok to be brave and take a risk, but it should be a well informed and calculated risk.


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