Want a more Drama Free Life? Stop Using Facebook!

freedom from technology control and facebookTechnology has always been something humanity seems to deem as important and necessary for our evolution. Technology can be useful and harmful.

Anyone with an addictive personality has problems limiting the amount of time used on technology or consuming substances.  The need to have more and be more entertained or feel better, sometimes clouds our judgement and after a while we start believing that allowing technology to control us and run our lives is the right thing.

We forget, that we are supposed to be controlling technology and governing how it is to be used in our lives.

Today I am focusing on Facebook. What an amazing and wondrous invention! The ability to connect with people we knew, family we miss, and people we may have never met otherwise.

The ability to interact, engage, and communicate. The opportunity to spread the word about where we are on vacation, so everyone knows our home is vacant and ripe for the picking. The opportunity to spread the word about our business and receive amazing and disastrous reviews by people who may or may not have actually done business with us. The opportunity to see how amazing other people’s lives are. The opportunity to meet other people and learn random information about them.

The opportunity to stay inside, plugged into a machine, and creating a sense of a real virtual world. This reminds me of those old sci-fi movies we found so amusing…

Facebook started with a really interesting idea, and addictive personalities have turned it into a feeding ground for angry, envious, insecure, and often skeptical humans. Facebook allows us to create a false world with limited information.

The thought of never being on Facebook again, seems unimaginable and pointless to humans who are so plugged in, their brains no longer completely function offline. The thought of never knowing who said what, or where they are, or how they “like” my photo, or what random photo or quote is being posted…

Where did we lose control? Where did we stop leading our lives and start following the silliness of the internet.

Not everything you read online is true.  Not everything we see online is true.

However, I overheard a teenager the other day inform their parents that school is useless, because everything they need to know can be found “online”. They assumed that everything they learn, see, and hear online is “true”.

It is time for a reality check. Try not going on Facebook for 1 week. Try, I challenge you. Can you do it?

It is surprising to me how much control I personally have handed over to a lifeless virtual entity named Facebook. I have accepted this challenge.. and during my first week.. I failed. After 3 days, I just had to go back on Facebook to check who RSVP’d for an event I posted on there.

I am starting again today! Goodbye Facebook…


About Anna Campbell

Passionate about living life and using business as a force for good. Let's get together for coffee & discover your company's full potential. #bthechange Website: http://mrsannacampbell.com

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