Give Your Clients a Reason to Believe in Your Business

Believing in your business and youEvery time we reach out to customers to support our business by: purchasing an item, spreading a facebook post or verbally tell friends about us; we are asking them to believe in us.

What is their “Reason for believing”? Why would they choose to promote you over someone else.

Large businesses are faceless and almost meaningless. We are not supporting them out of a belief in what they are doing or who they are, we are merely using them out of convenience and because we haven’t found someone better. We don’t even think about calling them up to say hello, stopping by to see how their business is doing, or checking in on them for their daily scoop.

Small businesses however, are people. They are friends. They have meaning and purpose and as we support their business, we are supporting them, and everyone they support.

So, what is their “Reason for believing”? Every time you, as a business owner, have the amazing opportunity to interact in person, via email, on the phone, or through facebook, with your friends, family and clients, you have the opportunity to help them know “why” they should believe in you, your business and your services or products. Believing in why you wake up and open your shop each morning. Believing in why you sell the specific items or services you do, and believing in who – you are also supporting at home or within your community.

As we build stronger relationships with our clients and fellow community members, our “Reason for believing” also strengthens and grows. The stronger it gets, the better your business will become.

Enriching one life at a time, is a grand purpose!

~ Anna Campbell


About Anna Campbell

Passionate about living life and using business as a force for good. Let's get together for coffee & discover your company's full potential. #bthechange Website:

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