Finding new Clients through Business Networking

Community Volunteering One of the best ways I have found to find and keep clients is through business networking in person.

For me networking needs to be personal. So, attending BNI, Rotary, or Chamber networking events doesn’t really work. They are forced business connections with people you may not trust or desire to build a long-term business relationship with.

Business networking for me best happens when I am serving my community. In order to build a trusted circle of business friends I must first meet people that see value in what I see value in. I see value in my local community, our schools, and our infrastructure.

supporting local charitiesWhere can I find people that have similar values or interests? These people are the ones you see volunteering at local community events, fundraisers, school activities, and eating at local restaurants and coffee shops.

How do I get involved so I can meet these people and support the community I love? I look up local community websites: City or Town websites, revitalization websites, non-profit organizations, school club websites, etc.

Then I see what events are coming up that need volunteers? What activities or committees could use my specific skill set? Where could I “give” the most with the amount of time I have to offer.

Actively Networking in personNow, we have to be specific on how much time we have to donate for volunteering. Then we can decide which group or event would be most suited to our specific skill set, and then we can contact the group, charity, or organization and see when their next meeting is.

Here is the most difficult step. You actually have to SHOW UP. Yes, I know it sound simple. I know you have the meeting penciled into your calendar. But.. you can’t erase it. You can’t forget about it. You have to see this meeting as an important step to you being a part of building your community, and building your circle of business connections.

When people see value in you, then they will make the effort to build a long-term business relationship with you.

Let me know how it goes!


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