What Changes Have You and Your Business Experienced?

learning to embrace change in business and in lifeEvery month, we go over different areas of business and personal growth and infrastructure. I was amazed at how very fitting our topic for this month was: How “change” can make a positive impact on your business income and growth.

In fact, this month has brought about so much change in my business and personal life that I am thrilled to have grown and changed so much in just 24 days!

In business, I have focused and narrowed in on my true strengths and loves. By learning to focusing on the areas in my business where my true excitement and knowledge exist, I am learning to grow my business in that direction. When we grow business where we enjoy to do business, then our business naturally grows and flourishes because everyone around us can see how much we enjoy doing what we are doing. And people love to work with happy satisfied people.

In my personal life, we have found our forever home. For those that know me, this is truly a life changer since I have primarily lived as a gypsy my entire life. I lost count after 15 moves, always expecting the next, but when we found this historical home in a beautiful community, my heart almost stopped. Could I be worthy of such a beautiful home filled with so many stories and lifetimes? Could my husband and I really be settling down and creating some roots?

And since I have been a gypsy my entire life, learning to focus has been a very hard virtue to learn. I believe moving from Ca to NC has helped me to learn how to slow down, breath, and really take time to think through each step of my business and life.

I believe that with great change, also comes great joy and peace. We have the opportunity to see and understand where we are and who we are in a completely different way.

Instead of fighting change, we may need to learn how to embrace it.

What changes have you and your business been experiencing this month?

~ Anna Campbell


About Anna Campbell

Passionate about living life and using business as a force for good. Let's get together for coffee & discover your company's full potential. #bthechange Website: http://mrsannacampbell.com

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