Are You Planning on Staying in Business?

My Monthly Business Journal When you think about that question, “Are you planning on staying in business”, do you realize what the impact of the word “planning” has on your business future?

Without a solid plan, your business will not have a solid future. Some people get “lucky”, but most people don’t. Most people either get frustrated, lost, overwhelmed or bankrupt.

It is important to have a clear understanding of 3 things.

1. What is your business producing or serving?

2. Who is your business serving?

3. How is your business producing or serving?

When you can answer these three questions easily and confidently, then you are well on your way to a successfully planned business.

What are your answers to those three questions?


About Anna Campbell

Passionate about living life and using business as a force for good. Let's get together for coffee & discover your company's full potential. #bthechange Website:

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  1. clear, simple. oh and timely! 🙂 just came from a great session with my business mentor. this is happening now and next!! thanks Anna

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