Show Business Appreciation with a handmade thank you note

handmade note cards saying thank youDo you always need to use a professional uniform gift to show your appreciation for your business clients support over the past few years? Could using something more simple have a more effective impact?

Would your clients be more likely to open a business size envelope with a pre-printed address label on it or a custom size envelope with their address handwritten on it? We often lose focus that our business clients are and always will be people. They are living breathing people with friends, lives, and feelings.

These same clients want to be appreciated just as much as you do. Would you like to receive the same generic letter that everyone else on your street received, or a handwritten note made and written just for you?

There are many places locally and online where you can purchase any number of nice and affordable notecards.

Here are some places where you can start:

Let us know what you sent to your clients lately, we would love to know!


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  1. I recently sent one of my clients a hand written note to thank them for being a client and for supporting me and my business. I send my clients notes and little special gifts all the time. It’s all in relationship building and being appreciative for what we have.

  2. Love this post! You may enjoy my recent blog post that includes some great insights from Jay Conrad Levinson on including a handwritten touch in our correspondence with clients.

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