How To Communicate with Power and Grace with Felicia J. Slattery

Felicia Slattery Communicate with Power and GraceFirst impressions, are lasting impressions. Being able to communicate from the first time you meet someone is crucial when you are the business owner. You represent the business and you represent the quality of what your clients will be buying.

Felicia J. Slattery helps to support, empower, and train small and home-based business owners, so they can deliver their most powerful and effective messages in order to run a successful business that sustains their chosen lifestyle.

Felicia J. Slattery lives her life with energy, passion and enthusiasm because she realizes each moment is precious.  During her first two years she built a thriving and growing business.  Mid-way through 2008 and into 2009, Felicia J. Slattery spent time focusing her efforts on the marketing field.  Most notably, in April 2010 at  Extreme Business Makeovers, she had the honor of sharing the stage with a living legend of motivational speaking, Mr. Zig Ziglar himself.

Felicia J. Slattery holds two Master’s Degrees: one in Adult Education and Training and another in Communication.

Being able to communicate your message in an effective and productive way will help you be confident personally and professionally!



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