Couples Who Work and Play Together May Often Decide Not To Stay Together

Working TogetherArticle written by Diane Tegarden

Problems and Solutions

When couples work and play together in the same company, it can sometimes lead to disastrous conclusions. However, a friend of mine, Diane Tegarden with FireWalker Publications, has shown me that it doesn’t have to! You just need to keep in mind some of the following suggestions!

1. Putting all your eggs in one basket-  When you and your partner work for the same company, it can create all sorts of problems. For one thing, you are “putting all your eggs in one basket” financially. If your company goes through a layoff, and one of you gets laid off but the other one doesn’t, the partner who is laid off may feel inferior or angry, and the one who remains may feel superior or guilty. This in itself can cause hard feelings between people but these feelings can be worked out equitably.

Solution — Check to see if you can work for a different branch office of the same company, or one of you can look around for the same type of job with another company.

2. No new experiences to share-  If you both work at the same company at the end of the day you may not have new experiences to share, instead it becomes a huge complaint session that never ends. Both your complaints and your successes become old hat, and you can grow bored with each other very quickly with nothing new to share.

Solution — Take up a hobby that you can both do together after work, giving you something in common to enjoy other than working for the same company.
Solution — Take regularly scheduled vacations and days off, giving you both something to look forward to besides work.
Solution — Keep your work contacts to a minimum once you do manage to get away.

3. Leaving the job behind at the end of the day-  You can feel like you’re never really off work because one of you or the other is Networking and Productivityusually talking about the business, either complaining about problems or crowing about successes. There is some wisdom in the old clichés “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and “familiarity breeds contempt”. Constantly talking about your job can get old for your partner because it’s harder than you think to leave it all behind at the end of the day.

Solution — Set a one hour time limit on the time at home that you both can spend talking about your work.

4. If you are running a home-based business, the work never ends –  If you work where you live then there’s always just one more thing to do because it’s right in the next room waiting for you. The work day turns out to be never ending, which can be exhausting for both of you.

Solution — Agree to turn off the ringer for the business line after work hours, so that you don’t hear the phone ring, reminding you that there’s always more work to do.

5. Business versus pleasure-  Sometimes when you work at the same place you can either become too business-like with your personal relationship, conversely you can become too intimate with your business relationship.

Solution — When you work together it is hard to keep business and pleasure in their proper place. Most businesses have a type of uniform or dress code, so after work remember to change into casual clothes to remind yourselves that you are now at home.

6. Disagreements at work –  If you and your partner have a serious disagreement at work it can considerably affect your home life. The argument can follow you home and continue there, putting your relationship on the line, making you both miserable and exhausted.

Solution — Try and make sure that you both work in different departments, or even different branch offices of the same company in order to separate your personal from your professional relationship.

7. Respecting each other at work and at home –  It can become a serious struggle to have a truly equitable relationship (one with equal respect and decision-making power), if your partner in business lords it over you at work all day. It is very hard to draw the line between being your boss at work all day, and being your equal partner once you are at home.

Solution — In order to gain a more equal relationship with your mate, try to attain a position or a salary that will equal your partner’s money-making capabilities. This will bring more personal power and respect you both at work and at home.

8. Shows of affection –  It’s mentally and physical distracting at work for both you and your co-workers when you’re still in the lovey-dovey stage of your relationship. Try to remember to keep your hands off each other well at work, and save it for your bedroom.

Solution – It’s unprofessional to snuggle with your mate in front of your co-workers, so be as affectionate as you want to at home but not at the office. At work call each other by your first name, not pet names.

9. Playing fair –  No matter how fair you try to be, trying not to show special favoritism toward your mate, other employees will become suspicious and angry if they think that you are giving special consideration to your partner.

Solution — It’s difficult to shake the accusation of favoritism and nepotism once they become rooted in the minds of your co-workers. The best way to avoid these accusations is to set standards of professional conduct, job performance, rewards and discipline to assure that every employee is treated the same.

10. Two against one –  The other workers may feel outnumbered by you and your spouse or partner. The old two-against-one thinking prevails here, and it will be difficult to convince them that you are being fair with everybody.

Solution — Working in different departments will separate you and your partner during the day, allowing your co-workers to treat you and see you as individuals and not as a team that is opposing them.

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