Business Leadership focusing on Managing People – Not Things

Sherry SimoesThere is a huge difference in leadership between managing people and managing things.

Managing people is a very personal job, and one must have certain qualities to be able to be a good leader. Managing people takes much patience, understanding, and mentoring. Just because you can perform well in a certain industry does not make you an expert in leadership. It is a role where you need to respect, listen, understand, and
tread lightly in some circumstances.

As a leader, you’re expected to bring you and your team to success. As a leader, your team looks up to you for guidance and support. It involves passing responsibility and
delegating tasks that you may normally have control over, and for some that is not easy.

There is no magic to leadership. Great leaders are not born great leaders. They are simply people who are passionate about being a great leader, and they are willing to do the little things that matter. Leaders can make or break a business. While some people are adept at knowing what needs to be accomplished and how to do their job, the majority need a leader to implement some structure and order in the workplace in order to be effective in what they do.

Good leaders create a vision, a picture of the future, of where they want to take their organizations and then get their team involved in these visions and inspire everyone in
the company to get on board and be passionate about what they do.

Good leaders are committed to results. They thrive on facts, figures, numbers, and data and also share the results of their efforts with their team.

Good leaders are focused and achieve what they set out to do before launching new initiatives and do not set more than one goal or initiative at one time.

Good leaders speak from their hearts. They motivate by persuasion rather than intimidation. They are truthful and honest.

Good leaders can make decisions quickly and are decisive. A good leader must know how to act swiftly and must encourage quick thinking among his or her people.

Good leaders share responsibility and the credit for a job well done. They create a win-win situation where everyone benefits from a team effort.

Good leaders are direct and straightforward. They set clear performance expectations and hold people accountable.

Good leaders are open and seek feedback about their performance and leadership skills. Before taking on a leadership role, study and access yourself and your skills and make sure you know what is expected of you so you can effectively be a good leader.

Sherry Simoes Marketing Action CoachWritten By Sherry Simoes. Sherry is a design and marketing professional with a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed in marketing their businesses.

Sherry is also the founder of the group: Women of Today. Women of Today is a free online business support group, helping women entrepreneurs grow a successful business.


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