Overcoming Freelancing Obstacles and Building Your Business

Kristine Sheehan with The Merry BirdOvercoming obstacles when creating any business is necessary for its success. For myself and my graphic art freelance business www.TheMerryBird.com Designs, I took the bull by the horns by learning from other business owners and through trial and error. What worked for me is building a list of happy, credible clients that helped to propel my business forward.

In the beginning Old fashioned grass root marketing and word of mouth made business a success. Most of my freelance jobs come from people who I know or have networked with through the years online via social networks. I tracked, networked and kept in touch with previous clients. This proved useful as I transformed from a caterpillar to a bird. 😉

Over and over I’ve heard the same business mantra, get paid what you are worth – find YOUR VALUE and know it. No one looking for a freelancer (or business service) wants to feel insecure about if the freelancer they hire can handle it. Of course you can handle it! You are trained; you are an expert in your field. Let them know you are the right choice! (Pull out that handy list of happy clients now!)

the merry bird logoAs with any business there are bumps in the road that are usually unexpected. I like to consistently educate myself in my niche so that I am on top of the trends and desires of those potential clients out there. This helps smooth out those bumps that may come later. If “I’m Afraid of Failing” is the tune that is running in and through my mind, I block it out and research more about graphics and keep networking. This keeps me in “in the know”. I like to g¬et lots of support! Friends, mentors, my spouse and whoever makes me feel my best, can help me run forward with grace.

Another tid- bit about business I learned is: don’t bite more than you can chew – money is like water, it runs fast and quick! I like to have good accounting systems in place to ensure my clients are paying me so I can pay my bills too! (I’m a big fan of PayPal) Here’s a link that I found useful while searching for apps to help ease the work load!


I am not a marketer, I’m a graphic designer. But unfortunately the two ideas go hand in hand in business. At present I think my biggest obstacle is marketing my business. I do know that it takes knowledge of online marketing, traditional marketing and more to get my business name out there. When money is tight, I use online resources and social networks to propel my marketing forward. I take that handy list of happy clients to spread my business name and services farther. I brag! At times, I like to delegate parts of my business to others, at first to volunteers and/or a freelance assistant to do the work that takes me away from my main focus, design. I was taught to get creative about where to find help. Local colleges are filled with students yearning to understand the business process and would gladly work for school credit or minimal pay.

Passion, dedication and persistence are elements I needed to overcome marketing obstacles for my freelance business. What do you need to help overcome your business obstacles?

Written by Kristine Sheehan with www.TheMerryBird.com Designs


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