Blog advertising: A Savvy Technique for E-marketing

Written by Ryan Faderogaya at

P&G Proctor and GambleMultinational companies like Unilever and Proctor and Gamble are enjoying the cheap services of Blog Advertising.  New products like shampoo, laundry soap, et al. are conveniently posted through different product review blogs around the globe.

Blog advertising is more convenient for the companies to advertise their products knowing that the independent blogger who represent the company or product in a given country knows the cultural background of the country and the overall current ethical standards of the place.

Referring to my previous blog that mobile computing is the hub of e-marketing of the future; people can easily receive updates of the products of Unilever or Proctor & Gamble through their smart phones.

UnileverA micro level of e-market analysis reveals that independent bloggers usually write a blog of the product according to the trends around the community of bloggers.   The unique bond of bloggers creates a certain level of belief that will indirectly affect the product.

If the future of blog advertising will virally dominate the world of media and entertainment, multinational companies will have a hard time segmenting the world market without the help of the different search engines and blog website companies.  Bloggers on the other hand has the skill of maximizing its expertise in using the SEO in advertising the product.

Product Samples from Proctor & Gamble and Unilever:
P&G Proctor and Gamble  Unilever

Written by Ryan Faderogaya at
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