Marketing Woes turned into Marketing Milestones at Life Experiences, Inc.

Life Experiences non-profit organizationLife Experiences, Inc is an amazing non-profit organization located in Cary, NC that serves a large portion of Wake County by providing employment opportunities for adults with varying developmental abilities, business services for local companies and baked goodies for meetings and parties.

After sitting down with Life Experiences, Inc we learned their most current need is to create a strong marketing presence in the Wake County area for their organization and their annual fundraising events. After looking through their records we found that a well documented list of marketing pieces ended in 1991 for the organization. This is a 23 year gap! We aren’t able to go back and cover more than a year back effectively, so we learned how they used to market themselves and we created a plan to help them use current social media, blogging and media resources to marketing themselves to the fullest.

Our Marketing Plan for 2013 consists of 10 recurring PR opportunities they can use throughout the year and 18 one-time PR opportunities they can use to highlight and focus on events from the previous year, previous donors and accomplishments.

They have already received an incredible donation from a local communications company in Raleigh, NC. is donating a brand new website and online presence with social media to the organization. Their planned debut date is for the end of January 2013.

Together with Life Experiences, Inc brand new online presence and complete marketing campaign, they have definitely turned their marketing woes into marketing milestones!

Article written by Anna Campbell


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