Breaking Down Business Dreams into Business Goals

My Business Journal ChecklistI love checklists. Checklists are my dreams broken down into goals.

For instance. Your dream could be to go to the grocery store. What are you going to do once you get there? Voila! Your list is born. You write down everything you are going do/purchase while there, and check them off as you accomplish/find them!

Same thing for your business. You may have a HUGE dream. Such as, My marketing business is going to make $150,000 annually starting my 3rd year in business. Great! Now, how are you going to accomplish that? Pull out your list!

Let’s set-up the steps you need to break down each part of your “Success Plan”. Every business needs a Success Plan. That is what we are calling your “Business Plan”.

The basics of every success plan include:

1. Who will be your target market (clients/customers)

2. What will you be selling or providing

3. How will you be selling or providing (in person/online)

4. Will you be manufacturing or reselling

5. Budget for cost of starting business through to running business

6. Marketing and Advertising Plan

7. Location of your business (physical or virtual)

8. How you will gather the initial funds to start your business

Don’t worry! You aren’t alone. We will be here every step of the way, working through every stage of your Success Plan with you!


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